An Explanation of Why This is a Thing I Do

I’m Chess
Ironically, I stink at the game. It’s just my name. I’m actually more a Solitaire person.
I discovered that I wanted to make comics on my high school’s career day.
There wasn’t a cartoonist there as a presenter, it’s dumber than that. I had this weird phase where I was just determined to embrace every part and particle of geekdom I could, and I thought, “You know? I just don’t deserve the title ‘nerd’ if I don’t read comics, right?”
So, I went to find some vintage Superman comics on my tablet while the career-day people droned on-and-on.
Google search: “online comics”
Expectation: Old comic scans with torn corners.
Result: The world of webcomics.
So, instead of paying attention to the presentations, I read webcomics… all day. Well, crap. They got me. They got me and I’m doing this as a job now.
I never did manage to find that Superman comic.